How to order a custom spray skirt

When we build your custom skirt, we want to get it right the first time. Follow the instructions below to fill out the custom order form. If you are unsure about any of your measurements, please contact Skirtworks. We will be glad to assist you.

How to measure your cockpit circumference

  1. You will need a pencil, a tape measure, and a piece of string or rope long enough to wrap around the cockpit rim.
  2. Put a mark under your cockpit rim (where the rand or bungee goes!) where you will start the measurement.
  3. Place one end of the rope on the mark and wrap around the cockpit rim back to the starting point. Mark the rope there. Then measure the rope to the mark.

Choosing your fit

This option is for the Tough Rim skirts and is all about how hard it will be to put on your boat. Keep in mind that “easy to put on” is not your best option when selecting a rubber rand whitewater skirt as with a looser fit you are sacrificing dryness and implosion resistance. If “easy to put on” is the most important factor to you, the bungee skirts might be a better choice. Your three options are described below.

  • Easy Fit- The easiest to put on. This fit is good for entry-level paddlers who want a rubber rand skirt. We do not recommend this fit for whitewater greater than class IIII.
  • Preferred Fit- Fits nice and snug. This is the top choice for most whitewater conditions class I-V.
  • Tight Fit- Hard to put on! If your primary use for this skirt is running class V whitewater with drops over 30 feet and implosion is a great concern, you might prefer this fit. Tight fit skirts come with a red ripcord.

In cold weather any rubber rand whitewater skirt will be more difficult to put on and pre-stretching may be required to wake up the rubber.

How to measure your cockpit dimensions

Use these measurements to select your deck size using the size chart. If you choose the custom deck option, you won’t need these, skip to “How to make a Cockpit tracing”.

  1. Take measurements from the outside edges of the cockpit rim.
  2. Measure the length straight down the middle of the cockpit rim.
  3. Measure the width at the widest point on the cockpit rim.

How to make a cockpit tracing

To build a custom deck for your skirt we use a cockpit tracing to make a pattern. We have the patterns for many popular kayaks but for newer or custom kayaks we will need your tracing. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Obtain a piece of paper large enough to cover your cockpit opening. Make it large enough to be taped down, to ensure the paper will not move during tracing.
  2. Trace the entire outside edge of the cockpit rim; make sure it is visible.
  3. Be sure you indicate the bow on the tracing.
  4. Last but not least, send your tracing with your contact information to:

1805 Blevins Branch Rd.
Bakersville, NC 28705

How to measure your waist size and setback

Waist size- Measure around your waist at about naval height. Then use the size chart to select the appropriate tunnel size.

Setback- While your sitting in your boat, get the measurement between your backbone and the inside edge of the cockpit rim. It is easier to have someone help you with this one.    

Size Chart

Deck Size Cockpit Dimensions
Length Width
X-Small 28.5″-30″ 17″-18″
Small 30.5″-32″ 17.75″-18.75″
X-Skinny 31″-32.5″ 16″-17″
Skinny 33″-34.5″ 16.5″-17.5″
Medium 31″-32.5″ 17.5″-18.5″
Large 33″-34.5″ 18.5″-19.5″
X-Large 34″-36″ 19″-21″
XX-Large 36″-37.5″ 19″-21″
XXX-Large 36″-37.5″ 20″-21″
Tunnel Size Waist Size  
X-Small 24″-27″  
Small 27″-30″  
Medium 30″-33″  
Large 34″-37″  
X-Large 38″-40″  
XX-Large 41″-45″  
Tunnel Height  
Kayak 10″  
C-1 14″  

If you do not see your size here please contact Skirtworks. We can build a custom skirt for any kayak!

Custom skirt orders are processed in the order that they are received. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for all custom skirt orders.