How to order a custom skirt

How to measure your waist size and setback

Waist size- This measurement is used to size the tunnel on your skirt. Measure around your waist at about naval height.

Setback- While your sitting in your boat, get the measurement between your backbone and the inside edge of the cockpit rim. It is easier to have someone help you with this one. This measurement is used to position the tunnel on the deck of your skirt.

How to make a cockpit tracing

To build a custom deck for your skirt we use a cockpit tracing to make a pattern. We have the patterns for many popular kayaks but for newer or custom kayaks we will need your tracing. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Obtain a piece of paper large enough to cover your cockpit opening. Make it large enough to be taped down, to ensure the paper will not move during tracing.
  2. Trace the entire inside lip and outside lip of the cockpit rim; make sure it is visible.
  3. Be sure you indicate the bow on the tracing.
  4. After tracing is complete remove your tracing paper and write your waist size and setback on the tracing.
  5. Last but not least, please include on the tracing the name of your boat manufacturer, model and the type of hull material (glass or plastic). Then, send your tracing with your contact information to:


    1805 Blevins Branch Rd

    Bakersville, NC 28705

If your boat manufacturer is unknown please contact us.

Size Chart 

Skirt Cockpit Size

for  Preferred Fit

Cockpit Size Range
Length Width
X-Small 28.5″-30″ 17″-18″
Small 30.5″-32″ 17.75″-18.75″
X-Skinny 31″-32.5″ 16″-17″
Skinny 33″-34.5″ 16.5″-17.5″
Medium 31″-32.5″ 17.5″-18.5″
Large 33″-34.5″ 18.5″-19.5″
X-Large 34″-36″ 19″-20″
XX-Large 36″-37.5″ 19″-20″
XXX-Large 36″-37.5″ 20″-21″
Tunnel Size Waist Size
X-Small 24″-27″
Small 27″-30″
Medium 30″-33″
Large 34″-37″
X-Large 38″-40″
XX-Large 41″-45″
Tunnel Height
Kayak 10″
C-1 14″

We have stock skirts in cockpit sizes Large- XXX-Large available for immediate shipping. All other sizes and C-1 skirts are custom built to order. If you do not see your size here please contact Skirtworks. We can build a custom skirt for any kayak!

For more information on sizing your skirt visit