Aramid Tough Rim Custom


  • This skirt was designed with three things in mind: dryness, implosion resistance, and longevity. Need we say more?
  • Tough Rim skirts are available for most plastic boats in stock sizes or can be custom built for any whitewater kayak. See Size Chart or How to Order a Custom Skirt.
  • Deck and tunnel constructed of 3.5mm neoprene with heavy nylon laminate.
  • 5.5mm Kevlar casing for superior abrasion resistance where it’s needed the most.
  • Half round rubber rand glued to the casing for the highest quality, dry and secure seal.
  • All SKIRTWORKS skirts are hand glued and taped for the driest and most secure seams.

What you get with a custom whitewater skirt:

  • Custom Deck- For the best possible fit, we use a pattern that is specific to your kayak to build the deck of your skirt. For newer model kayaks we may need a cockpit tracing.
  • Custom Setback- This is the distance between your backbone and the inside edge of the cockpit rim when you are sitting in your kayak. This measurement is used to place the tunnel on the deck of your skirt. The custom setback will prevent a sagging spot or a tight spot on the deck behind the tunnel. This is especially important if your position in your kayak is farther back or forward than normal (if you are shorter or taller than average).
  • Preferred Fit or Tight Fit- Preferred fit is the standard sized rand selected for your size of cockpit rim. The most aggressive paddlers might prefer the tight fit option for superior dryness and implosion resistance. Tight fit skirts come with a red ripcord. Warning: The tight fit option will be more difficult to put on your kayak.
  • Refer to How to Order Custom page for details on measurements

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Aramid Tough Rim Custom

Size Chart

Cockpit Size Size

for  Preferred Fit

Cockpit Size Range
Length Width
X-Small 28.5″-30″ 17″-18″
Small 30.5″-32″ 17.75″-18.75″
X-Skinny 31″-32.5″ 16″-17″
Skinny 33″-34.5″ 16.5″-17.5″
Medium 31″-32.5″ 17.5″-18.5″
Large 33″-34.5″ 18.5″-19.5″
X-Large 34″-36″ 19″-20″
XX-Large 36″-37.5″ 19″-20″
XXX-Large 36″-37.5″ 20″-21″
Tunnel Size Waist Size
X-Small 24″-27″
Small 27″-30″
Medium 30″-33″
Large 34″-37″
X-Large 38″-40″
XX-Large 41″-45″
Tunnel Height
Kayak 10″
C-1 14″

We have stock skirts in cockpit sizes Large- XXX-Large available for immediate shipping. All other sizes are built to order. If you do not see your size here please contact Skirtworks. We can build a custom skirt for any kayak!

For more information on sizing your skirt visit


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